About us

RGA has been moving business in the automotive aftermarket since 1995. We’re a unique, progressive company, specializing in top quality, technologically advanced automotive parts- as well as the best in service and customer support. Throughout our history, we have partnered with only the very best manufacturing and distribution companies in the business, to bring our products to market. Our drive for excellence is driving success for you!

The founder Juan Ramos, begins his journey 16 years ago with one of the most succesfull Automotive Imports and Distribution Businesses in Latin America. As he continued his success path he founded RGA-USA in Miami Florida in Sept 9th 2004. Since then, he has maintained his resolve to grow and expand in the world wide markets

Accelerated Customer Service

We aim to exceed your expectations with the highest service support levels in the industry. Check our Staff section for links to Customer Service


RGA has gathered a team of profesionals that combine almost 35 years of experience in the world wide distribution of product and continue to grow as an evolving model lineup.

RGA's  product line is designed for today’s fast changing automotive market. Review our parts and catalogues in our Products Section of this website.

Passenger comfort built-in

At RGA, we’re committed to long term customer relationships. Our products and programs are geared to your needs, and your customers.